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I have been passionate about healing for More Than 15 Years

Dr. Shaon Hines is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor in Arizona and New Hampshire and a U.S. Air Force veteran. She is originally from Wisconsin, joined the Air Force right out of high school, and did tours of duty in Saudi Arabia and Qatar. She also served as Flight Sergeant for the MacDill AFB Honor Guard. Dr. Hines earned her Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine degree from National University of Health Sciences, a U.S. Department of Education accredited naturopathic medical school. She is also President of the Illinois Association of Naturopathic Physicians, a certified nutrition specialist (CNS), certified personal trainer (CPT), and raw food chef.

As a Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Hines believes in the healing power of nature and healing the “whole” person on a foundational level.

Professional Memberships

· Illinois Association of Naturopathic Physicians

· Wisconsin Naturopathic Doctor Association

· American Association of Naturopathic Physicians

· Arizona Naturopathic Medical Association

· New Hampshire Association of Naturopathic Doctors

· Homeopathic Academy of Naturopathic Physicians

· Naturopathic Medical Institute

· American Nutrition Association

· Volunteer:
  – Chicago Medical Reserve Corps
  – Chicago Department of Public Health
  – Cook County Medical Reserve Corps
  – Cook County Department of Public Health


“I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease three years ago, Dr. Shaon Hines helped with my pain.  I stopped taking my pain pills because she helped me overall.”

Amanda Darden

“Dr. Hines has helped me improve my skin and mood by educating me on the importance of diet. She was attentive to all my questions and I learned a lot about what and what not to eat. With her guidance, my skin cleared and my mood elevated. Thank you Dr. Hines!”

Justine Vaughan

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